NXTV Inc. (www.nxtv.com) is hiring! Want to work on cutting edge technologies such as these?
  • HDTV
  • MPEG video + audio
  • High bitrate wireless IP networks
  • Powerful set top boxes
  • Linux

    Then send us your resume. Please, no recruiters, and please, don't call, especially if you're a recruiter! Salaries are competitive with industry standards. We foster a do-it-yourself attitude as opposed to buying canned solutions. We're looking for creativity + innovation in our employees. We like to leverage open source whenever possible. Closed source solutions are replaced as quickly as possible with open source alternatives.

    Positions available: 2 Senior Software Engineers


  • Strong skills in C
  • Strong Linux + Linux kernel experience
  • Understanding and love of the Open Source concept

    Familiarity and experience with the following are a "strong plus":

  • Programming of embedded DSP's
  • FPGA experience
  • Network programming using Berkely Sockets Layer

    Familiarity with the following are a "plus":

  • ODBC + database usage/programming (mysql, MSSQL, etc)
  • Experience with SDL and X-Windows
  • Math concepts as apply to mpeg video encoding/decoding
  • C++

    Affection or enthusiasm for the following are a "minus":

  • Microsoft
  • Windows
  • ASP
  • Java

    If interested send your resume to jobs@xdr.com, pdf preferred over doc